Running On Schedule: How Proper Planning Powers a Beauty Brand’s Success

important principle used at shay labs manufacturing to ensure on time prodcution and delivery
important principle used at shay labs manufacturing to ensure on time prodcution and delivery

For emerging skincare brands and private label cosmetics businesses, every minute and dollar counts. As a contract manufacturer that has worked with various independent skin care and beauty brands over our history, we have gleaned one fundamental truth – product development and launches inevitably take more time and money than even the savviest entrepreneurs anticipate.

Plan with Room to Spare: How we exceed expectations for cosmetics private label clients

Yet we’ve also learned the competitive advantage goes to those who expect the unexpected – building in buffers for surprises rather than banking on best case timetables. By allocating generous schedules and budgets to your original skin care line’s formula development and sampling processes, you create capacity to readily adapt to the curveballs.

Beat Estimates Reliably: Skin Care Brands Shouldn’t have to wait

Our veteran team

provides each private label cosmetics contract manufacturing client delivery time and cost estimates that provide tons of wiggle room. Why commit to an impossible skincare deadline when market realities will likely intervene? This enables us to frequently beat estimates to delight our partners.

Buffer for the Unexpected

For emerging private label skincare brands, unrealistic assumptions can seriously set back your entire enterprise. As a contract manufacturer grounded in real-world experience, we guide clients to calendar contingency, making delays and overages par for the course rather than catastrophic. You can then re-invest excess time and capital into perfecting formulas, wowing consumers when products launch, and fueling your skin care brand’s exponential growth.

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to learn how prudent planning powers progress amid the turbulence of building a made-to-order beauty business. With ample room for surprises, we help lay the foundations to thrive.

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