Bulk Liquids for Hotel Distributors and Suppliers

Creating Sustainability in the Hospitality Industry by Offering Bulk Liquids in Gallon and Drum Sizes for Hotel and Hospitality Distributors and Suppliers.

At Shay Labs, we are dedicated to supporting the hospitality industry in their shift towards sustainability as a trusted provider of shampoo, conditioner, and toiletries in both gallon and drum sizes. We specialize in crafting bulk liquids that cater to properties transitioning to refillable dispensers, a growing movement within the hospitality industry.

Refillable Trend Spreads from California and New York

With progressive legislation unfolding in California and New York leading the charge towards refillable solutions, this trend is setting a benchmark that’s expected to ripple across other states.

Pioneers in the hospitality industry, such as Marriott and InterContinental, have already been supplying their properties with bulk amenities since 2020, recognizing the environmental and economic benefits.


Opting for Bulk Dispensers Over Single-Use Bottles

Opting for bulk dispensers over countless single-use plastic bottles makes sense — it’s kinder to our planet and cost-effective for hotels and suppliers alike.

Shay Labs is poised to facilitate this shift. We’ve invested in state-of-the-art equipment designed for the efficient filling of large containers, which are perfect for refilling dispensers with shampoos, conditioners, and lotions.

We are set up to fill ANY size refillable container whether its Gallon Jugs, Drums, Barrells, Totes, or tubes!

Huge Cost Savings Opportunity 

Moreover, we’ve innovated our operations to include the packing of resealable plastic pouches.

This is a revolutionary step as it addresses the costliness and inefficiency of shipping gallon plastic containers. Consider the logistics: a standard box that fits only four 1-gallon containers wastes space and increases shipping costs for both manufacturers and hotel suppliers. In contrast, gallon-sized plastic bags significantly reduce costs due to their compact nature.

Reach out to a Shay Labs representative to discuss how we can assist you in adopting refillable dispensers. We are confident that you’ll find our bulk product solutions surprisingly cost-effective.

Whether you’re in the hospitality industry or any other that requires gallon and drum size products, take the leap with Shay Labs and see the difference in your bottom line.

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