Custom Private Label Hair Care Product Manufacturing Services

Private Label Hair Care Product Manufacturing Services

Looking to launch your own hair care brand? Partner with a full-service contract manufacturer to create customized shampoos, conditioners, treatments and more. Our experienced team handles it all – from formulation to packaging to testing.

Custom Hair Care Product Development

Collaborate with our expert chemists and formulators to craft top-quality hair formulas tailored to your vision and hair type targets. We offer an extensive library of bases and ingredients to build off of or can create fully custom blends.

Automated Manufacturing for Efficiency and Speed

Our automated manufacturing process enables quick turnaround times and efficient production of hair care products in any quantity. We can rapidly scale production to meet demand and launch timelines.

Rigorous Quality Control and Testing

We rigorously test all hair products to ensure safety, efficacy and the highest quality standards. All ingredients are purchased from audited suppliers and quarantined upon arrival. We conduct microbial testing and stability assessments.

Complete Private Labeling and Packaging

Make your hair care brand stand out with our full-service packaging solutions. We offer personalized labels, pumps, bottles, tubes and more. Our team will bring your vision to life through beautiful, sleek packaging.

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